Thursday, April 23, 2009

..**Oh NooDLes**..**HeALth EffectS**..

> The correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our
> bodies and health. `Normally, how we cook the instant
> noodles is to put the noodles
> into a pot with water, throw in the powder and let it cook
> for around 3 minutes and then it's ready to eat.
> This is the WRONG method of cooking the instant noodles.
> By doing this, when we actually boil the ingredients in the
> powder, normally with MSG, it will change the molecular
> structures of the MSG
> causing it to be toxic.
> The other thing that you may or may not realize is that,
> the noodles are coated with wax and it will take around 4 to
> 5 days for the body to
> excrete the wax after you have taken the
> noodles.
1. boil the noodles in a pot with water.
> 2. once the noodles is cooked, take out the noodles, and
> throw away the water which contains wax.
> 3.. boil another pot of water till boiling and put the
> noodles into the hot boiling water and then shut the fire.
> 4. only at this stage when the fire is off, and while the
> water is very hot, put the ingredient with the powder into
> the water, to make noodle
> soup.
> 5. however, if you need dry noodles, take out the noodles
> and add the ingredient with the powder and toss it to get
> dry noodles.
> Dietician's Note: If you buy plain hakka noodles which
> you make initially need to boil in water and discard the
> water. This will soften
> the noodles but to prevent it from sticking we need to add
> a tbsp of oil and also the noodles are deep fried partially
> to make it crunchy and
> then dusted with flour to prevent it from sticking while
> boiling. Hence when you buy the noodles they are already
> made unhealthy and this
> is the type we use to make stir fry noodles and the regular
> maggi too is made the same way plus they add MSG/ ajinomoto
> and other chemical
> preservatives.
> A large number of patient with the ages
> ranging from 18-24 years are ending up with pancreatitis
> either as a swelling or infection of the
> pancreas due to regular consumption of instant noodles.....
> If the frequency is more than 3 times a week, then it is
> very hazardous...

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